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    Armour-Etch Glass Illustration Cream Instructions

    Glass Illustration

    Well-maintained the glass or even looking glass thoroughly to eliminate all grease, dirt as well as fingerprints. Stay away from cleaner services that advertise Hands printing immune, as these cleansers leave behind a movie on the glass that hinders the illustration method. Stay clear of hands printings on the glass where you are actually heading to engrave. Dry glass or even looking glass completely

    Picking stencil style as well as applying to glass

    Select the layout of your selection and meticulously cut the pattern slab as well as the frozen support piece together to stay clear of contacting the back side of the stencil sheet.Measure meticulously to figure out where you will certainly locate the pattern on the glass or mirror. Different heaven pattern piece from the frozen backing slab Put aside the frozen backing slab to become utilized later. Location stencil piece on the glass with the blue (shabby) side contacting the glass. Protected stencil slab briefly to the glass with masking tape. Look at website to find out breaking news about glass.

    Making use of the lumber stick enclosed, move the pattern from the slab to the glass surface through massaging securely over the design with soft, even movements. Scrub left and also right, then up and down. Carry out certainly not examine the pattern. You will be able to see the stencil being transferred due to the adjustment in color coming from a dark blue to a lighter blue. When you massage near the side of the pattern certainly not to peel it back up by incident, be careful.

    Eliminate best provider slab.

    When the whole entire pattern has been actually attached, thoroughly clear away a few of the concealing strip and also slowly strip back the clear top piece. Put the best slab back down and re-rub area up until all parts are attached if the stencil has not been totally stuck to the glass.

    Preparing the glass for illustration

    Administer a border of covering up tape around the whole entire pattern overlapping the strip on the blue stencil through 1/16" to 1/8", making sure not to overlap the design.This overlap protects against the etching lotion from contacting the glass and engraving excess locations! If a large area of glass needs to be guarded, make use of strips of adhesive supported shelving plastic. When all sides of the stencil have actually been actually taped, utilize the white colored frosted backing sheet to lightly scrub over the entire stencil place. Examine the pattern for tiny splits or openings by holding the venture around the lighting. If any type of holes seem, cover them with small items of strip. Take care where you put the strip, due to the fact that the stencil will definitely tear if you attempt to remove it.

    Applying the Armour Etch cream

    For absolute best etching leads we encourage that the room temperature level, the inscribing cream temp and also the object you are actually inscribing end 70 levels. Shake the ARMOUR ETCH Cream thoroughly. Do work in a properly ignited as well as properly ventilated place near a water source. Use plastic handwear covers and safety eye-wear. You should use a thick level of etching cream in order for the chemical to respond adequately on the glass or looking glass. Thick sufficient to make sure that you can certainly not see the layout of the stencil by means of the Armour Etch Cream. Keep within videotaped area.

    Clearing away engraving cream as well as stencil

    Allow ARMOUR ETCH Lotion to stay on glass for one min merely. No longer! Quickly clean off all the engraving lotion under luke hot water. A few of the pattern is going to be cleared away during the course of this rinse, however it is OKAY. It goes without saying traces of the inscribing lotion are actually removed, take out all the staying tape as well as pattern parts. Tidy the glass utilizing home window cleaner as well as completely dry completely.


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